Cheryl became an established designer of fashion handbags as far back as 1997. Starting her career as Assistant Handbag Designer to the line creator Liza Ganz. Cheryl bought her vision and creativity and becomes a driving force in building the "Liza Ganz" brand to the well known recognition it has developed throughout the industry. The Liza Ganz brand becomes an important collection in both speciality stores and major relations across the country, the likes of Jacobson's, Dillard's, Marmi Shoes and virtually hundred's of special stores coast to coast. Enjoying many years of success in the Liza Ganz family, Cheryl leaves to pursue other career opportunities.

Working as a Head Designer for companies in New York City. Cheryl becomes the key component to bringing these brands a more contemporary and updated flair. Bringing these new products to major department stores across country and to the world of speciality stores as well. Over the last decade dedicated to building brands. Cheryl now steps out and brings her own brand and vision to the world of fashion accessories.

Having established herself as a visionary, Cheryl sees several opportunities in the industry and creates her own brand, Chez by Cheryl. Learning about special techniques in printing leahter while using soft and luxurious materials becomes the new dimension to her vast years of design and marketing experience. This becomes the focus of Chez and has made this collection such a fast rising star in the industry. Remaining true to her vision and focusing exclusively on printed leathers and suede Cheryl stands alone as the creator of fashion and function. Affordable luxury is the brand's message. Her original exclusively created leather are designed by Cheryl and her team. Maintaining the formula of exclusive leathers, luxury that is affordable and function has made the reaction to her band extraordinary.

The attention to every detail starting from the elegance and luxury of the exterior leading to the same excitement of the interior, you will be submerged in fashion with an attiude like no other.



  • Chez By Cheryl